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Boo Baby is a Chicago musical act looking, above all, to put on a show. One review has described their shows "a meditation on joy" and their lyrics as being "like a more vibrant Sun Kil Moon." Founders Kevin Tellie and Robert Salazar share a back-of-the-bus wit and musical interplay that comes from playing together for 10+ years. The recent addition of experimental artist Thomas Huston has indeed added more experimental artistry.

Discovering their live show feels like stumbling on a mom and pop gas station; friendly faces happy to get your motor runnin'. In its nearly 6 year history, Boo Baby has opened for acts such as Whitney, Karl Blau, TJ & Dave, Friendship, and David Liebe Hart (tim & Eric). they have held a residency at the io theater and released their debut album Orange You Glad via Hickory Lane Records.

Their follow-up album, The Opening Band, is forthcoming from Summersteps Records.

Hold your applause, please “boo.”





November 24, 2019…The Owl w/Close Talk, Brass Calf


October 14, 2019…Montrose Saloon w/Cloudtone, Cobra & The Venders

October 11, 2019…Flood House w/Uma Bloo, Kill Vargas, Tito Surf Disco

September 17, 2019…The Hideout w/Luke Henry, Waltzer

August 22, 2019…Sofar Sounds Evanston

August 19,2019…Schubas w/Degnan, Bryn Rich

March 24, 2019…Pikipeworks Kenosha w/Gloss Coats

March 19, 2019…Burlington w/Littleboybigheadonbike, Side Hug

February 28, 2019…Hungry Brain w/Space Gators

December 18, 2018...Empty Bottle w/Ruins, Uma Bloo

October 10, 2018...Elbo Room w/Joe Renardo, Eric Unger

July 16, 2018...Chop Shop w/North by North, Post Child, Little Church

June 9th, Subterranean Upstairs w/Kate Renegade (Album release show) & Girl K

May 4th, 2018...Record Breakers...w/ Eric Unger, BR. 

March 21, 2018...Quenchers w/Divorce, Club Malo, Lightening Ryder (ex-Cupid Youth)

February 14, 2019…Sofar Sounds Chicago w/ Alex Dragicevich

January 25, 2018...iO (Improv Olympic)..Solo Show, One Night Only

November 17, 2017...Quenchers w/Friends of the Bog, Laura Wolf, Liz DeLise

October 17,2017…Empty Bottle (solo) w/Girlboifriend, Yoshi Flower

October 7, 2017…Kinder Garden w/Malci, Snayl

August 24, 2017…Sofar Sounds Chicago

July 17, 2017...Empty Bottle w/Vast Canvas, All Talk, Cass Cwik

July 13, 2017...826FORK w/ Tasha, Sunjacket, The Gold Family

May 31, 2017…Sofar Sounds Chicago

April 25, 2017...Quenchers w/Antiphons, Vast Canvas, Vices

October 25, 2016...Subterranean w/Karl Blau, Lake, Michael Albert (Thin Hymns) 

October 4, 2016...Emergent Series at Old Town School of Folk Music

August 20, 2016...G-Man Tavern w/Courtney

August 4th, 2016...iO (Improv Olympic) w/Shrink Ray'd & Dave Pasquesi

June 2nd, 2016...iO (Improv Olympic) w/Shrink Ray'd, Comet

April 6, 2016...Flood House w/ Roof Doctor, Friendship, and Courtney

March 25, 2016...The Crowd Theater w/ One Woman No Show

March 16, 2016...88.1 WZRD Live Set

February 16th, 2016…Tonic Room w/ Courtney

February 3, 2016…Empty Bottle w/ Tugboat Jones, Warik

July 12, 2015…LiveWire Lounge w/ Native Eloquence, Lamp

June 20th, 2015…Flood House w/ Whitney, Deep Breath

October 16th, 2014…Phyllis Musical Inn w/ Mumblr

we love playing LIVE

we love playing LIVE