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Boo Baby is a Chicago Musical Act looking, above all, to entertain. One review has described their shows "a meditation on joy" and their lyrics as being "like a more vibrant Sun Kil Moon." Founders Kevin Tellie and Robert Salazar share a back-of-the-bus wit and musical interplay that comes from playing together for 10+ years. the recent addition of experimental artist Thomas Huston has indeed added more experimental artistry.

Discovering their live show feels like stumbling on a mom and pop gas station; friendly faces happy to get your motor runnin'. In its nearly 6 year history, Boo Baby has opened for acts such as whitney, karl blau, TJ & Dave, Friendship, and David Liebe Hart (tim & Eric). they have held a residency at the io theater and released their debut album Orange You Glad via hickory Lane Records.

Hold your applause, please “boo.”





September 17, 2019…The Hideout

October 11, 2019…Flood House


August 22, 2019…Sofar Sounds Evanston

August 19,2019…Schubas w/Degnan, Bryn Rich

March 24, 2019…Pikipeworks Kenosha w/Gloss Coats

March 19, 2019…Burlington w/Littleboybigheadonbike, Side Hug

February 28, 2019…Hungry Brain w/Space Gators

December 18, 2018...Empty Bottle w/Ruins, Uma Bloo

October 10, 2018...Elbo Room w/Joe Renardo, Eric Unger

July 16, 2018...Chop Shop w/North by North, Post Child, Little Church

June 9th, Subterranean Upstairs w/Kate Renegade (Album release show) & Girl K

May 4th, 2018...Record Breakers...w/ Eric Unger, BR. 

March 21, 2018...Quenchers w/Divorce, Club Malo, Lightening Ryder (ex-Cupid Youth)

February 14, 2019…Sofar Sounds Chicago w/ Alex Dragicevich

January 25, 2018...iO (Improv Olympic)..Solo Show, One Night Only

November 17, 2017...Quenchers w/Friends of the Bog, Laura Wolf, Liz DeLise

October 17,2017…Empty Bottle (solo) w/Girlboifriend, Yoshi Flower

October 7, 2017…Kinder Garden w/Malci, Snayl

August 24, 2017…Sofar Sounds Chicago

July 17, 2017...Empty Bottle w/Vast Canvas, All Talk, Cass Cwik

July 13, 2017...826FORK w/ Tasha, Sunjacket, The Gold Family

May 31, 2017…Sofar Sounds Chicago

April 25, 2017...Quenchers w/Antiphons, Vast Canvas, Vices

October 25, 2016...Subterranean w/Karl Blau, Lake, Michael Albert (Thin Hymns) 

October 4, 2016...Emergent Series at Old Town School of Folk Music

August 20, 2016...G-Man Tavern w/Courtney

August 4th, 2016...iO (Improv Olympic) w/Shrink Ray'd & Dave Pasquesi

June 2nd, 2016...iO (Improv Olympic) w/Shrink Ray'd, Comet

April 6, 2016...Flood House w/ Roof Doctor, Friendship, and Courtney

March 25, 2016...The Crowd Theater w/ One Woman No Show

March 16, 2016...88.1 WZRD Live Set

February 16th, 2016…Tonic Room w/ Courtney

February 3, 2016…Empty Bottle w/ Tugboat Jones, Warik

July 12, 2015…LiveWire Lounge w/ Native Eloquence, Lamp

June 20th, 2015…Flood House w/ Whitney, Deep Breath

October 16th, 2014…Phyllis Musical Inn w/ Mumblr

we love playing LIVE

we love playing LIVE